• Patrícia

Our quarantine

Updated: May 6, 2021

It was about time sharing with you some images of our first quarantine!

It was a hard time for everyone, and we lived it intensively. A lot has happened in the meantime.

Our Jimmy boy left us last year, from a heart condition disease. It was a hard time for us to see him disappear. We deeply miss that little strong heart.

However, great things happened too!! I got proposed by the sunset at the Tower Bridge in London and we finally got married!! Soon we will share that story too.

We sold our apartment and had to move right in the middle of a pandemic peak. Our house was turned inside out, but together we managed to overcome everything! With the same strength and love to our little family.

Finally this year, we are finishing building our house close to Lisbon and I am super excited with all the decoration process that I love to manage. Hope to share with you this home design project soon too!

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